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GSA SER - bad-words filter

majkee97majkee97 Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
Hello Sven,
I have found on internet a page, where badwords that should not appear on my page (especialy in meta keywords or so) were listed. Within the words was also the word "f u c k". When I entered these words into the filter of my project to check the presence of such words on the page, it works smoothly, but the same badwords list was also inserted to check their presence within the domain names. And I have recognized, that it filters kind a lot of domains because of that. How this exact word works in GSA SER, that domains are rejected?
Does it mean (gaps within the word), that when each and every letter of that badword is found in the URL, the URL is rejected?
The list is attached, feel free (after your precious evaluation) to add it into GSA SER on next update ;-)
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  • SvenSven
    Any space in a filter word/phrase will be treated as an OR operator as a space can not be part of a domain or URL as well.
    So if you have a filter such as "f u c k", then it would apply to a domain like:

  • majkee97majkee97 Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
    OK, so I am going to remove such spaced bad-words file lines then.
    Thanks a lot for Your answer.

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