Would HTTPS, .COM TLD, make a difference for MS?

Greetings, friends.

I've been retracing my steps, and realize I am still missing some basic aspects of SEO knowledge. So anyone with the field experience to know the answers, please let me know what you think.

I have an old MS. I just moved it to a server that pings at twice the speed. Putting on lazy load for images. Should I find another server that pings even faster? Or is that useless?

Trying to improve both user experience as well as SERP standings.

The site was built as a dot info and STILL IS!  :blush:   Would moving to a .com be useful? I've had a dot com site redirecting to the .info that I could move the content onto since About Oct of 2018.

The site is not SSL, though the form pages largely are. Should I go total HTTPS?

Would these changes positively affect SERPs?

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