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having trouble getting article links filtered by pr2

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Hi all,

Wanted to know if this is normal, I have kept gsa on for almost a month now, so far I am only getting 200-300 links for the following settings for one of my projects:

1) social blog + article platforms
2) pr >= 2
3) keyword list = 100k
4) ticking re-verify backlinks

is this normal? I am surpised that there are only 200-300 sites that i can spam on these specific platforms at these settings. I figured there would be a ton of pr3s and 2s maybe i am wrong. What can i do to create more article submissions?

I think overall verified is much higher maybe double, but the fact they are disappearing because I am ticking re-verify backlinks means that some are getting deleted by moderation.

From experienced users how many links can i get if i want only article links and at least pr2 on domain?


  • I have a few tiered projects set up with tier 1 needing at least a PR3 and I've got upwards of 500 re-verified links on most of them although these have run for longer than a month.

    I do use Scrapebox pretty much every day to find new sites for SER to post to as well as the new search online options in the Options > Advanced > Tools drop down.

    TBH most ppl on the forums will tell you not to worry about have a min PR and that is also the way I've built my last few campaigns.
  • ronron

    The thing is you get both high PR and low/no PR if you skip the filter, so it's kind of natural to have that kind of diversity in your links.

    The same line of thought can be applied to follow/nofollow.

    I think what @davbel said is very true. If you really want a bunch of higher PR ones, you should probably scrape them and throw them into the mix. SB is just faster and a more efficient way of putting together good lists.

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