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not posting to links that i manually added

i added some links that were created manually and did :-

project>data>edit button (on top right next to url)>import>from clipboard

urls created show in url list

it also has urls from the above tier (tier 1)

it has created posts for the urls on tier 1, but not a single one for the urls added manually.

on - project>data> edit tier filter options button
it is set to -urls age in days - 7-120
it is about a month since i added the links manually although they were created before that.

its creating links for the tier above, but not the links added manually

it has the 2 boxes ticked at the top of "data" in the project

"use a random url from above on every submission" (this is where the added urls are)
"use verified urls -of tier one profiles"


  • SvenSven
    if you have backlinks for projects you manually want to add, you should do this:

    right click on project->show urls->verified->right click on listing->import verified urls->...
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