What is the Minimum Number of T1 Backlinks to a Money Site?

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Hey, GSA friends! This is a silly question, in a way. OK, I know there's no set formula, as that would be a recognizable footprint of artificiality. So there's no "one way" to do backlink pyramid building. I guess assymetry's good. Irregularity is best.

But still, what's the minimum number of T1s pointing at your money site or page or YT or whatever?

5? 10? 20? 50? 100? 200? 500? More?! Just wondering what you all think about this. Thanks for any ideas. Also...why? I guess it's best to have more since putting all your site's ranking on a few sites is more dangerous. When/if a link is lost, it would be more impactful.


  • robin1337robin1337 Germany
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    Which keywords do you want to rank for? Check the top 10 for backlinks/ref domains and you get an idea how many you want and which ones.
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  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
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    Google was once experimenting with search results without taking into consideration the links. They weren't happy with the results thus this was never rolled out.
    Hence the minimum T1 pointing to your site is 1. If no backlink points to your site it won't be discovered, indexed or ranked. Naturally there is no upper limit.

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