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Backlinks aren't indexing no more

JohnsonJohnson Delaware
I am currently running 2 websites on Search Engine Ranker and for those projects I got more than 700 links verified but not a single backlink indexed as I see on alexa traffic page. I am using same indexing softwares as with previous project, but for previous project I was running the website but also web 2.0 who is pointing to the main website, and for the website it showed about 900 links verified but for the web 2.0 about 120 and that's about the same number showed on alexa traffic page as indexed backlinks for the website. So my conclusion is that the best way to index backlinks is to have lots of links pointing to your web 2.0's that lead to your site, and to index those links.
Is this conclusion correct for why my 2 websites aren't indexing no more?
And does link wheel still work today, for example the more tiers the better ?


  • I can't really follow your train of thought as my eyes lost it after the 4th sentence without line brake but yes. :dizzy: The best way to index backlinks -apart from sending them directly to google through the webmaster tools- is to build a ton of links to them then lead google there.

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  • JohnsonJohnson Delaware
    Thank you Gypsy, just one more question,
    as I am about to build lots of links to my backlinks,
    can I use free email adress for every new project I create and do I need to configure them like I do my own email adress -
  • The more email you use the better. I've never trusted using google emails to spam google though. Others didn't mind it though. If it's working for you then it's fine.
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  • JohnsonJohnson Delaware
    GSA gives me new email for every project I start, do I have to login to that email to set it up like gmail needs setup before working with GSA, or it's already set up for use.
  • SvenSven
    Thats a different topic but then....It's a temp email which will use some disposable web-mail service to check that email via http. It's best to exchange that one with a real account.
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