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Lazy Load Implemenation: May, 2020

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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Wondering what best practice is for adding this functionality to a web site at this point.

I understand this will both improve web site load time (not ping time, obviously), but it will also use less bandwidth for those paying on a per-usage basis.

I found there are many ways to do this. Some are very bad for SEO, b/c Google and other SEs can't find the images/iframes/video below the fold.

And, the most common jquery scripts...for some reason, they didn't work. I admit I only played with them for a few minutes, but I stopped b/c I found that Chrome and Firefox latest versions now have this function natively. (How long will it be before it's standard, industry-wide? Also, Chrome has largest market share, so it's inevitable!)

So, my question is, why bother with jquery, CSS, or novel method of lazy loading when it's as easy as:

<img loading="lazy" src="someimg.jpg"> and that's it. Just wondering what those more knowledgeable think about this.


  • SvenSven
    Using loading="lazy" is indeed the easiest way. Though I don't think the page-speed measurement that G. uses is taking this in effect. That said, your page speed index (that makes a lot of your ranking) is not really increasing here.

    For I used both, the new loading syntax and a lib from here:
    Additionally I used a transparent gif in base64 encoded data: format instead of a URL to increase loading time even further.

    With this library you can also make sure that the images/videos appear in it's original form using the <noscript> syntax.

    If you need help on implementation, let me know.
  • Site speed is a ranking factor albeit to a tiny extent according to google:

    It's a pity that this news came after I spent a week of optimizing one of my sites in a hope of pushing it from the red towards orange.

    My current take on the matter is if I start a new site I'll build it with speed in mind as that never hurts even with 5G but any old site will stay as is until there is a clear requirement for speed increasement.

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