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Suggestion: SER Indexer Folder Monitor + Already Indexed Check

edited March 2013 in Need Help
@Sven could you please add something like ...

gsa indexer montors some folder with files (user chooses path) for changes in the files inside every X mins (user can set this) so you could run SER on one box make a share and let SER Indexer run on another and check the file in the share for new links and let them index

another thing that would be nice if the SER Indexer would implement the "index checker" like in SER ranker .. so the users could check the imported links if they are already indexed and sort them out and only use the Indexer on unidexed urls


  • I second this. It'd be nice to run it on a seperate machine, just like you can with Captcha Breaker
  • Partially off-topic, how do you know Google has indexed a site? I mean what is the most efficient way, just Googling the URL or checking the cache?
  • ronron
    edited April 2013



    The most efficient way to check is to use Scrapebox and harvest a boatload of public proxies to do the task.

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