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Characters being added to %domain%

steviestevie UK
edited May 2020 in GSA Website Contact
For some bizarre reason, the 'Preview' option isn't working properly - this is on 2 different instances of GSA Contact (2 licenses), which is even stranger.

Example, let's say the domain = and my message is:
"Hi, just contacting you about %domain%"

In the preview it displays:
Hi, just contacting you about google.49238com

It's placing numbers before the extension begins.

However, if I test it with one of my websites, the message comes through as it should - suggesting it's a problem with the preview function, and not the actual output when the software completes a contact form.

Any idea why this is happening?

It seems to be an error with the %domain% parameter. I tried reinstalling and that hasn't helped.

A screenshot of Preview when the message is simply... %domain%


  • SvenSven
    The random number was inserted on will to always give you a random spin as it is based on the domain.

    I will try to make it more user friendly.
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