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List of submitted links - sort by "Awaiting account verification" idea

majkee97majkee97 Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
Hello Sven,
would it be possible to implement "Sort by" option, that allows to display submissions in a state "awaiting account verification" first?
I do have a lot of Submitted links(@600.000 in total), that took its place e.g. 4 - 5 months ago, and still there is no progress.
Also some links listed in submitted displays only root URL on single domain, which usually does not contain created user profile with backlink or so.
From time to time, I see in GSA SER log, some errors while loging-in into an e-mail used. When such error appears frequently, I usually edit the project and create some new temp e-mails. However I believe, that this does not resolve such issue.
So I would like to clean-up items in Submit list, where the state is "Awaiting account verification" for a long time. At this moment it allows only by sorting by engine and select those in this state, which is quite time-consumpting.
Can you please provide to me, some idea, how to perform it more effeciently?

Thanks for Your response.


  • SvenSven
    I have added sorting by "Submission Status" for next update.
    The items would get removed after itself. Just leave it there as it is, it's not really wasting resources as emails need to be checked anyway for other submissions.
  • majkee97majkee97 Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
    Perfect solution. Thanks a lot ;)
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