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Not Saving Verified Links?

Moved to some new servers and couldn't run my old standby, 9.95. Currently running the latest (14.59) version.

I have tried leaving verified save location the default as well as custom, not saving any links to either.

Happening on two servers, hundreds of thousands of links built so something should have shown up.

Have tried stopping and restarting GSA SER to see if that fixed things, no luck.

Thanks for any feedback in solving this issue.


  • SvenSven
    Are your projects set to add the links?
    So just identified is saved but no verified right?
  • SvenSven
    no, that one will create one file with all links in it.

    What you want to check is the box below the search engine selections near the "site list options".
  • Thanks Sven, I get it now. I've been running 9.95 for production reasons for a long time so some of your new options I didn't follow. Cheers.
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