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Very low submission and verified links

Hello! I've been using GSA search engine ranker since few days.But just few links are submitted and only 5 links are verified. Proxies as well as emails are working well. What might be the problem? I followed Mathew Woodward's tutorial for setting up my campaign.


  • SvenSven
    Hard to say without details. Also "very low" means what exactly for you?
  • Submission is around 50 - 100 per day. And just 5 links are verified till now. It's been 5 days that i have started using it. 
  • Here is the image of my campaign. Can you please help me?
  • SvenSven
    what are your project settings look like (especially below the search engine selection)?
  • AaniaAania Nepal
    edited April 2020
    These are the settings below se selection.
  • I guess you aren't using linklist. If you are in a hurry and want to see results I would recommend you to get a linklist. It's not obligatory but it helps a lot especially when you are starting out.

    I takes some time to learn how to use SER and SER takes some time building up it's own list. Not to mention that probably you will need good proxies for that too.
  • @TheGypsy I am using semi-dedicated private proxies and they are working fine. But yes, I haven't used any link list. Does it work? I mean is it sure that all the purchased link lists will be verified? 

    Or are there other ways through which I can increase my backlinks?
  • lukegage92lukegage92 Buffalo, USA
    Also you can scrape. But there is a higher probability of the process not being successful while creating backlinks. So it's better to choose a link list.
  • You might need to use a plug in like ser engines to create backlinks on web 2.0 and such sites.
  • There is a difference between lists. Some work great others are a disappointment. I would advise to buy loopline's list. It's pricey but works and you will have something to compare to if you try other providers next month.

    You can scrape your own lists too but it will take extra time and effort to learn how to do it. You will need tools like scrapebox to scrape targets. Ideally you also need a tool to sort targets like GSA Platform Identifier but you can use another copy of SER for doing that.

  • Could it be that the problem is not on the technical site, but with the strategy of campaign itself? Perhaps with keywords, or stuff like that. What may also be wrong - what other SEO plugins do you use? Maybe this article may help you to set them up?
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