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What is the purpose of this function? seo indexer



  • no these are blog pages of articles with content of 1500 words with images and video 
    h1 h2 h3 voila and internal meshing.
    No comment .
    This is informative .
    What do you think? Sven

  • SvenSven
    yea then it should get indexed.
  • I'll be back in a week and we'll see.
    Thank you, Sven.
  • Indexing depends on -The quality of your article or more likely uniqueness. The more unique the better chances you have to be indexed. -The domain on which the article is part of. It takes longer for google to index articles that are on domains that has a lot of new articles daily. -Both can be amended with enough backlinks though. Except if a domain is deindexed. Indexing can take place anywhere from the publishing of the article to months. SER generated links with indexing service generally get indexed between 2-4 weeks if ever.
  • hello 
    thank you for your feedback 
    I'm going to do a weekly pick-me-up.
    If my domain has 5 indexed pages it means that it is not unindexed so in 1 month maximum it should have more indexing no ? TheGypsy
  • Checking index is as simple as searching in google for:

    You can do the same with URLs but don't expect consistent results nowadays. You can get rough ideas that should be good enough.

    If this is a private site you don't always need to use indexing service. My PBN posts get indexed naturally. Well, I build links to it with SER so it's not that natural but not sending them to an indexer service.

  • I'll see in a week if the index pages appear.
    I put 15000 urls in the indexing machine.
    Hopefully there will be some result.
    A pbn doesn't have many pages so it's easier to index.
    I'm looking for a solution to index thousands of url of sites.
    What can you tell me TheGypsy
  • As always ;D test test and test.
    Divide your thousands of URLs among the Indexing solutions you can afford. Test them weekly and draw your conclusions.
    You can try:
    -GSA SEO indexer
    -GSA SEO redirect + GSA SEO indexer
    -GSA SER indexing tier
      -Unlimited options
    -Scrapebox indexing
    -Indexing services
      -A ton of providers

  • hello
    It's been more than 7 days since I submitted the 15k urls to the seo indexer tool.
    To this day I still have 4 urls of indexing nothing has moved.
    When do you think?
  • SvenSven
    how do you check indexing status?
  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    edited May 2020
    Indexing largely depends on the quality of your content and the domain it is placed. (You can't index pages on de-indexed domains.)
    If you are in an English language niche and you are trying to index bad spun content on low authority sites GSA SEO indexer will be a disappointment for you. You need much more than a $20 one off payment tool for that unfortunately.

    If you use advanced operators like Info: and site: then make sure you have a reliable proxy. Even then your results will be off by at least 5-10 percent but that's acceptable.
  • hello
    to this day still nothing to index 
    I'm going to turn on gsa ser and captcha breaker and see how I'm taming the beast again. Thanks for your support. 
    sven and gipsy 
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