Does Have A Dedicated Host, Rather Than Shared Hosting, Affect SERPs?

Hey, all..haven't been on in a while. Been sleeping the shutdown away...

I was wondering: What are the opinions of you guys on shared hosting versus dedicated hosting?

I am guessing this is a signal for Google. I know how sophisticated things are, and G factors in a lot of variables.

Aside from (hopefully) speed improvement, what about a "better address?" Will your MS received better SERP treatment?

I was thinking of it like how a bank will consider a potential loan recipient differently if their address is 5 SkyView Drive in Posh Hills, versus Apartment 15H in LousyLand By The Factories.

Not thinking at all of other websites on a shared server having penalties that affect you. I know G is too intelligent for such simple stuff.

Simply whether shared vs. dedi is any factor, in and of itself. Stay well, all.


  • JosephinemontesJosephinemontes Estonia
    Accepted Answer
    Dedicated will definitely bring more benefits than Shared. Both are considerable and depends on the specification.
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "Dedicated will definitely bring more benefits than Shared."

    Just to be clear, Josephine, you DO mean strictly in terms of SERP placement?? Thanks!
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