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How to grow link list / find more link


My links database is stud at around 5K, I used all engine to search

1. How I can keep a single project to use global site list and keep searching new name at same time.
2. Should I start a new project for search new links to grow the database ? How to set up can find more links ?



  • It's no point using all the engines to search if you don't post to them later on. It's just a waste of resources and time.

    1. In project settings there is an option to use verified lists. Tick it if you want to use it.

    2. I've heard some people are trying to set up dedicated projects for scraping but I have never tried it. We generally use a dedicated scraping program like scrapebox to scrape for target urls and keep ser for posting only. If you don't want to invest into another tool you may try SER built in "Search online for URL" tool in Advanced>Tools.
  • It did work back in the days but things have changed now. 
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