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  •  :)  
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    Sorry for this Landing Page, I only have a few hours to do it (those who follow the thread evolution from the beginning are aware) ^^
  • Any plans for API access? Your indexer works great!
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  • KaineKaine
    Thank you for your interest @robin1337, at the beginning we wanted to keep it for ourselves, as an ultimate weapon to make the difference on our competitors who used services in loss of efficiency. We had not yet understood what we were achieving.
    Yes, we were talking about API with Sven just before. Don't worry, it will be available soon, the COVID-19 has just slowed down the development of this functionality that many of you are starting to ask for.
    Only one thing will not be realized, it is the drip feed. We think that it is legend that rightly arranged the other indexing services (resource use).
    We have the resources to do the job with absolute priority for each client, and we will share the benefits with you.
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  • Here are the results from my previous testing.
    I didn't check the indexation ratio until some days(3-5) so I don't know how it would have behave after 24 hours.
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    An indexing rate of 100% is excellent, it means that our service is very good but also that you do a good job of referencing which is very positive :)
    Ok friends I have great news, TheBestIndexer will arrive directly in Search Engine Ranker, you will be able to use all the power of your favorite service without making any effort!
    You just have to copy/paste the url of your private access directly from the SER interface. Another thing, we have updated TheBestIndexer so that it fits perfectly with this modification, all new private accesses will benefit natively from this optimization (ditto for the renewed plans, the url of the access being modified). For those who are still on a valid subscription, send me a message and I will take care of it + offering you an additional day).
    EDIT: All subscriptions have been updated today, this will allow you to take advantage of our API, your periods have also been extended to this date!
    You will be in heaven with us!
    I would especially like thank @Sven, who has shown an unfailing patient despite my particularly chaotic schedule (time difference, woman and baby but you surely know^^). Many thanks to you, there should be more people like you!  ;)
    I think that according to Sven's schedule, TBI will be included in the next update or the one after (it's getting late for all).
    I must also clarify that this thread is different from the previous one, I can only respond once every 24 hours if I understand correctly, so for any urgent question do not hesitate to contact me via the forum or via our address mail:
    Excellent indexing to all and all my wishes for success!

    EDIT: OK Thank you again Sven for your speed, it is with joy and a certain excitement that I announce to you:
    TheBestIndexer is now available for SER with the update 14.58

  • KaineKaine
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    Forget everything you know, we are an indexing service for search engines and not a simple indexing service like the others, we are not trying to deceive the engines, we are their best friends, we do not generate content, pinger RSS feeds or other BlackHat techniques to index your links at all costs by harming the sustainability of your sites ...
    We are unique, incomparable and 100% WhiteHat
    The Best Indexer

  • already test. and success result is Good. more than 50% have index just in 2 days. just feedback. you need api access for addon direct index from software. dripfeed option and also maybe you have option for credits buy option not monthly cost option
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  • KaineKaine
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    Thanks for your feedback
    You have a web interface, if you want to transfer your files manually otherwise you can directly use your GSA API (complete URL). I imagine that is what you meant?
    OK this way, we are never on Weekend, I have started contacts so that our API is integrated in:
    Seo Auto Pilot
    SEnuke xCr
    Backlink Monitor
    No Hands SEO

    Send all your suggestions, and have a nice weekend!
  • KaineKaine
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    Hello everyone, there seems to be a problem (setting) with the API. I sent a message to @Sven , avoid using it until it is fixed. Use your private access as long as this solved.
    Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience, I occupy my Sunday manually until it is resolved
  • Hi,
    Right now i am working with Eliteindexer for my SEO links. What benefits will i see choosing your service?


  • KaineKaine
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    Speed? Efficiency? Rate? Unlimited? Price?
    Make your choice :) (Wait tomorrow until everything is back to normal with the API)
  • Will there be any discounts/trial for us?

  • KaineKaine
    Yes I can do 10% for the monthly plan for GSA forum members
  • Any trial? even for 3-5 days before that?

  • KaineKaine
    Pm send ;)
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    Good morning all.
    We are permanently disabling the Ser API. TheBestIndexer is too different from the old indexing services and this would force Sven to modify Search Engine Ranker in depth.
    We also don't want to level performance down. We therefore had to choose between flexibility and performance. We have without hesitation chosen performance.
    If certain others have taken out a subscription only for this functionality (since Friday) we will refund it without discussion.
    For those who arrived after the API and who therefore did not take advantage of the true power of the service, your subscription was renewed free of charge or postponed if you are in testing.
    It will take about 2 days for everyone to come back in order. In view of the problems that this has caused, the fact that TheBestIndexer favors above all its performance and reliability, we think we will no longer take any risks with APIs.
    If you have any requests, contact us directly by:

  • KaineKaine
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    N'utilisez plus l'API , tout ce qui est envoyé de cette façon doit être retourné. Les soumissions qui ont été faites via votre accès privé depuis cet après-midi ont été traitées, je l'ai assuré personnellement.
    Nous avons supprimé l'API car nous n'acceptons aucune baisse d'indexation, nous visons essentiellement l'excellence. Nos résultats ont été exceptionnels dès le départ.
    Tout est revenu à la normale depuis quelques minutes et je peux vous garantir que c'est certainement le meilleur outil d'indexation.
    Nous sommes très différents de ce que vous avez pu connaître auparavant. Nous sommes un service d'indexation pour les moteurs de recherche et notre service sera certainement privatisé et très sélectif avec ses clients :
    Nous ne faisons pas que Google ...

  • I have used 10+ indexers over the years, currently with Colinkri and Omega.  Signed up for one day package to do some testing.  IMHO you need a drip feed option, would also be best if you can show the progress of our submitted links.

    You can only provide these functions to your monthly / weekly members, but really drip feed is an essential option for me.

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  • KaineKaine
    edited April 2020
    Yes that's what I'm telling you, we are very different from the others (old) indexer  :)
    If this function is vital for you, you better use another service, for us it is an urban legend.
  • Can you shed some light on this please?  Trying to learn more as in why it is an invalid practice to you?  I imagine it is the indexing method that is different?
  • KaineKaine
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    @voda Everything is different
    The dates of the submissions are indicated everywhere in the code, Google knows exactly when each of your links was posted ... what will he think of your drip feed?

    You just can't compare us to any other service.
  • Ok I got what you mean.  So do you think it is okay to do a single upload of 10k links all directed to a single domain?
    I see that you mentioned on facebook you might privatize the indexer at some point and we should start reserving our place.  I have signed up for a day package (will join with recurring weekly / monthly after test)  will that get me included in your list?
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  • KaineKaine
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    voda said:
    Ok I got what you mean.  So do you think it is okay to do a single upload of 10k links all directed to a single domain?
    Yes, we have never had a problem with this. On the other hand, you will surely make a dance before you stabilize.
    If your work does not please the engines, you will be penalized faster.
    If you have done a good job, you will be rewarded faster.

    Indeed we will surely want to privatize it in order to keep only the best, this will further improve performance and security for all.
    For now we let everyone discover it to gain audience but a service like this cannot remain public.
    Most of our clients are SEO agencies or PBN owners, they need maximum security.
    I think if you follow me on the GSA forum you can easily see my level of requirement.

    EDIT: Yes our customers will be part of the list, on the other hand customers who send 100mo of redirects for example will be excluded. We leave these types of clients to other indexing services. We respect their methods but this is not in accordance with our objectives.
  • z3rz3r
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    @Kaine will be there in the future a dashboard to upload links and check the progress?
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  • KaineKaine
    edited April 2020
    Hi @z3r
    For the moment this is not the priority, we are essentially working on the engine, we really want to continue to boost it, but yes it is something that we would like to develop. But understand that your links are processed as soon as they are submitted, there is no expectation.

    Do you have a problem with the upload form?
    I just sent URLs and everything went well.
  • I submitted a bunch of txt files, I checked everything is ok on my side.  But if for example one of the files is in wrong encoding, will there be a pop up or something to tell me the submission is not successful?
  • KaineKaine
    edited April 2020
    If a url is incorrectly encoded, it will no count or will be modified (You can see this with the url countdown).
    If the problem is more serious, nothing will be treated (the urls count:0)
  • Can we get an ETA on when the API will be out?
  • I am an instantlinkindexer user, can I request a discount coupon to try your kite
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