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Reset stats at the bottom of software?

So I created a backup of my projects, as I was moving the software.

But the stats at the bottom (checked, successful, failed, filtered) are incorrect - the numbers are sky high for the previous hour.

Is it possible to reset them to 0? As the numbers for the last hour aren't going down, even if I leave the software not running.


  • SvenSven
    can you show a screenshot?
  • steviestevie UK
    edited April 2020
    Sorry, I think it's the computer clock that's done it.

    The time on the VPS that I'd changed it to had an earlier time than the VPS I transferred it from. So I assume, the software looks at the computer clock and do couldn't calculate it properly.

    I corrected the time and it's now showing a lower number, so will hopefully be fine now.
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