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Spinnerchief with last update

Hi Sven, i have updated software today. Spinnerchief does not works now. When i use spinnerchief test, i have this error (see inclosed). Thanks for your help


  • SvenSven
    no idea what that might be, but the spinning functions haven't been touched for a long time.
    This "query time reach limit" error message comes from that service so maybe ask them directly.
    If you really think it's in our code, you can always try to run the previous version, linked to your start menu.

  • SpinnerChief 6 has come out not so long time ago and they have made changes to their pricing policies. They started to charge monthly subscription fee for the new version and not updating anymore the older ones. But actually for me the cloud/api spinning never worked as I would have liked it with SCM...
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