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Please answer this question.

I studied GSA SER for a few days and it was close to 90%. I want to leave a backlink to that article only. Most importantly, I want to leave a Wordpress backlink inside the article. I bought a list of verified items from Saruket.Of course, I even synced it. Nevertheless, the GSA SER only submits and leaves no backlinks. Tell me how to leave a backlink to WordPress only in the article.


  • SvenSven
    I can not judge on that list you bought, but it should be all in the log what heppens and why it does not submit there.

    Some things to check:
    - recaptcha service should be added/working
    - email accounts should work (try to use pop3 emails)
    - proxies working?

    Also keep in mind that even you have a list of wordpress sites...most of them do only allow you to register and login but later submission fails. However that can only be seen once SER logs in.
  • Type yourThank you for your reply, but I am normal in Lichecha, email, and proxy. I registered everything and tested it. However, all but WordPress articles are registered.
    An exact answer to use Wordpress article.
    I want comment
  • sven Which recaptcha should I use for Wordpress articles?
  • SvenSven
    well any captcha service solving you reacptcha should do it. Personally I prefer 2captcha, but thats just my setup, nothing you should take as the best option.
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