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GSA SER and Capmonster Not working

Today I've bought GSA SER and using CAP Monster for captcha solving, but I'm getting this error message all the time "Server seems down" any solution, I've read this discussion but nothing worked for me.


  • SvenSven
    As I don't own that tool, I can't really help here.
    "Server seems down" sounds like SER is not even able to connect to that local port. Make sure is actually an interface you can use.
  • After a playing a little bit around it I understand the issue, by default CAPMonster uses the server and port 80, that is what I was supposed to used it in GSA SER, but by default in GSA SER when we select CAPMonster it's showing

    Btw thanks.
  • SvenSven is usually no local interface...CapMonster support should handle this as a bug and change. Though I will add a note on the next update.
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