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inserting urls in blog comments

Anyone knows how to properly insert urls (with anchor) in blog comments?

(My?) GSA SER seems to fail a lot, even though all pages are full with comments which have urls inserted with anchor. For my projects, it can make THE difference.

I tried with:

<a href=“%url%”>%anchor_text%</a>

Checked the option "Always try to insert a link in comments".

Nothing works and I'm pretty sick of it...

Lots of work in vain, preparing the lists and so on. Just when I started, I had to stop.
And the number of [empty] anchors is making the difference. Not sure why GSA SER is not able to insert those links.


  • SvenSven
    edited April 2020
    1. When you really want to add a link in your blog comment in project options, you can always add that with HTML only. Do not use bbcode or mark-down or anything else. The format will be automatically converted to the format that is required on that page.

    2. When you see the link is NOT placed and you see others having it there, it might be some error in scripting. Give me the engine the link was placed incorrectly (just URL, not your anchor in description), and I have a look why SER didn't identify the correct format to be used here.
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