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Can recaptcha 3 be solved?

hi, i bought private residential proxies from stormproxies and also recaptcha credits from 2captcha, both work fine. But i notice recaptcha seems unsolvable? is there a way for us to solve recaptcha?


  • SvenSven
    v2 is solved by services as that only needs the sitekey + url, with v3 it's different as that one would need to execute javascript on the site and thats nothing we can provide.

  • Support

    Fri, Apr 17, 11:24 PM (17 hours ago)
    to me
    I have re-checked your captchas. You are sending huge amount of non
    captcha images.

    You can find these captchas and request parameters on this page:
    We don't know why is this happening to you, probably you are doing something wrong with your software. Or you may address it's developers regarding this issue.

    Hi @sven, sorry to bother u again.

    I am using CB with GSA website auto form submit and for "recaptcha" in CB, i toggled it to send to "2captcha".

    but 2captcha told me I'm sending a lot of non captcha image to it. And Im not getting the recaptcha (2) solved.

    1. May I know what settings I should use to send recaptcha to 2captcha via CB?

    Currently under "captcha type", for recaptcha, i toggled it to "toggle use of captcha service" and "options / captcha services" i already added 2 and tested it successfully.

    What I would like to do is to get CB to solve ALL captchas EXCEPT for recaptcha which will be sent to "2captcha" in my case

    2. Parameters at 2captcha's side.

    I asked them the same question on recaptcha and their reply was:

    Dear customer,
    >>>> We've detected that big percentage of your captchas can't be solved by
    >> our
    >>>> workers. We have saved few such captchas and we will store them during 7
    >>>> days to allow you to check what happened.
    >>>> You can find these captchas and request parameters on this page:
    >>>> *Why that happened:*
    >>>> 1) You're submitting corrupted images or images that doesn't contain a
    >>>> captcha.
    >>>> Check saved images and make sure there's a captcha and it's
    >> human-readable.
    >>>> 2) Text on images is distorted too much that makes it unreadable.
    >>>> That happens if you're using a bad proxy or have bad cookies and target
    >>>> websites thinks you're a robot.
    >>>> 3) You're providing incorrect parameters with your captcha.
    >>>> For example, if your captcha contains only one word but you're sending
    >>>> 'phrase=1' parameter indication that there's more than one word then
    >>>> workers will skip your captcha. In the table below all your request
    >>>> parameters are indicated. Make sure you're using correct parameters.

    Can you kindly let me know what settings do i need to use on their end to work with CB? 
  • thanks in advance!
  • SvenSven
    edited April 2020
    It seems as 2captcha is having problems with "Questions". Thats what they call "non captchas". They offer the ability to solve questions and text captchas but it also looks like they are not able to solve them recently.

    I recommend everyone having such issues to turn off the Question solving in options.
  • This hasn't changed. I had the same problem with them over a year ago already. 
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