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GSA search ranker does not submit link to websites based on my keywords

when GSA finds websites and submits links, the websites are not related to my keywords even when I check "put keyword in quotes when used in search queries"

any way to fix this?


  • SvenSven
    Thats probably a setting thing and a view on SEO itself.
    • Some engines simply not make use of your keyword as they build there own sub links and you define the content there. Thats usually OK for SEO.
    • If you still want to get rid of this and clearly also want to have the site itself related to your keyword, then you need to use the option under the search engine box to always use a keyword when searching for targets. Though you need to keep in mind that there are very few targets left.
  • the box is checked "always use keywords to find target sites"
  • SvenSven
    And what sites/engines do you get here?
  • I think it's just the default selected search engines

  • should I only use google or maybe duckduckgo?
  • SvenSven
    No, not the search engines. I mean the links created...of what engine type are they (e.g. URL Shortener, Article, Fast Indexer...)?
  • indexer, URL shortener, blog comment
  • also, the search query being used in GSA is no good... It's searching for old software that is deprecated and the search results are irrelevant.

  • you should edit the search ranker (GSA) to find the content management system first ( WordPress), then after it finds all the WordPress websites it should separate by category "health" etc.

    if GSA is searching for "WordPress" and "health" at the same time you will get bad results
  • SvenSven
    1. You use engines where it is not important at all what keyword they are based on.
    URL Shorteners are just redirects where the content is not seen (main project). Indexer is for increase indexing speed (last tier)
    2. What footprints are used is related to the engine it searches for. If you want to use your own (better) footprints, use the "Footprint Studio".
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