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how do I remove verified links types ( indexer, URL shortener )?

What I did :
1) right-click on the project, show URL, verified.
2) in the pop-up with the verified link I right-click and select engine type.
3) after the links are selected I right click and choose " turn project active and remove selected links"

however, the links do not remove from the list, any ideas?


  • SvenSven
    All these link types do not need you to sign up and create an account. So there is no way to modify them when e.g. logging in and modify your data.

    Though most of the mentioned links have no impact to your SEO if you do not link them in lower tiers.
  • unfortunately, my SEO is impacted by submitting link types (indexer, URL shortener, )
    my website is omitted from search results. 

    Can't I remove the links the same way I added them?
  • SvenSven
    links like URL Shorteners or those from Indexer/Whois/Statistics have no impact on your site unless you actively use them on other pages where search engines can see them (lower tiers).
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