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how to spin paragraphs/setences...?

hi @Sven
how to spin paragraphs/sentences in GSA CG?

{{sentence1|sentence2|sentence3}} in every pharagraphs


{{paragraph1}|{paragraph2}|{paragraph3}} in every articles

OR Both


  • SvenSven
    both is possible. You can define that in spin config.
  • config.ini
    located at C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\GSA Content Generator  ...???
    how to do that?
    or can you add that option on the next update?
  • SvenSven
    1. edit project
    2. click on output tab
    3. enable spin usage
    4. click on configure
    5. on that dialog you can define how many spin combinations for paragraph,title and sentence

  • ekowekow Java
    edited April 2020
    Ooo,,,i know where the problem is

    when i tried to generate English content thats fine, but for my language 'Indonesian' it can't be done.

    how can i fix it or theres something i missed?

    I use GSA CG + Xspinner

    and there's one more thing

    when I create New Project (Wizard)
    then Find related keyword for scraping

    for the first project was fine
    but when I started for the second, third, and so on
    the result always injected by related keyword from the previous project
    i've tried to generate in english or indonesian language

    foe example:

    1st project; search engine marketing
    i found;
    email marketing wikipedia
    free search engine marketing
    Full Service Advertising Agency
    google search engine marketing
    How can I promote my business using search engine marketing?

    then 2nd project; healthy life
    i found;
    healthy life body mind
    healthy life changes
    healthy life garcinia cambogia
    healthy life juglen zwaan
    healthy life roermond
    search engine marketing examples
    search engine marketing jobs
    search engine marketing meaning
    search engine marketing pdf
    search engine marketing ppt

    thanks @Sven once again
  • SvenSven
    XSpinner: OK, so that service is not supporting Indonesian language? I have corrected that for next update.
    That can't be possible really. It must be related to another problem. Please send me log lines of the project or even better a project backup.
  • SvenSven
    When you edit your "healthy life" project and check the can clearly see that you have the "seo keywords" as well among them. So it's all as it has to be.
  • that's why, it doesn't make no sense right
    there's SEO inside the healthy life articles...

    it's weird  :)

    i tried to create new project "auto repair" after "healthy life"
    when i generate related KW for it, there's no related KW from previous project


    i create new project (again) "workout tips" after "auto repair" and find related KW
    injected (again) from the previous project (auto repair)

    i think it's the matter of time when we create each project

    see SS:

    1st project after "healthy life" (longer time interval)

    the result was normal, no injected KW by previous project 

    then i create new project after, "workout tips"

    the result

    article generated. doesn't make sense if there auto repair inside workout tips article

    see interval time for each project

    hope that can clearly what i mean, thank you

  • SvenSven
    so it's the keyword research that is the problem! Now it makes more sense to me.
  • SvenSven
    please do me a favor and do the following....
    1. edit project
    2. remove all keywords but leave the original in only
    3. click [EDIT]->Keyword Suggestion
    4. on the final selection check the sources where the wrong entries might come from.

    I did it here but didn't find anything wrong.
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