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I get error when use %spinfile2% in the latest version !

edited April 2020 in Need Help
I usually use links in my project like this way 

It is working fine in the last version But in the current version 
It is not working and acts that  http://%spinfile2-c:/tiers/links.txt%
is my link.

Note: I use to add "http://"before %spinfile2% and I already remove it from links in the file.

Please help to figure out the issue!
Thanks in Advance 


  • SvenSven
    what does the TEST in project options show instead? And why are you using a unix-slash and no backslsch as in windows?

  • Hi 
    thanks for the reply!

    Here the error I get. 
    it also adds 25 in the URL I think its refer to there is a space or something!

    the same project on the old version  works fine

  • SvenSven
    send me that project backup please.
    Thanked by 1toka
  • Thanks for Your support & time.
    I really appreciate Your fast response.
    You can Find 2 attached Backup in New and old version.
  • Hi 
    Sorry for bothering
    Did You find the issue?
  • SvenSven
    First day after Easter and now I try to debug things for you and solve it.
  • SvenSven
    edited April 2020
    the %25 is not correct but you will also have issues with the %spinfile% macro being used inside the URL and not as a stand alone macro in front...

    It was never meant to support that macro in-between the url input but always at the very start only.

    Conclusion: Change the URL to be %spinfile-c:/tiers/links.txt% and add http:// in front of every line in that file.
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  • Hi
    Thanks for Your reply.
    I already use this format but after saving the project it automatically adds http:// to the URL.

    check this small video, please 

  • SvenSven
    edited April 2020's %spinfile2% and you should have used %spinfile% (without the 2).

    It would make no difference anyway if you use %spinfile%, %spinfile2%, %file% or #file macros. Though next update will also support %spinfile2% here.
    Thanked by 1toka
  • thx for Your time ^^
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