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VPM Dropped from 35 to 3 and nonstop "unknown submission status"

edited April 2020 in Bugs
Last week my GSA was running fine and I was able to get 35+ VPM but for these past few days my VPM has barely reached 5 and I am seeing a constant stream of "unknown registration status" and "unknown submission status" when I have not changed anything.  I have tried using 3 different types of proxies and the problem still persists.  What could be causing this?


  • SvenSven
    just had time looking at the log:
    There are some strange entries here like...
    13:27:46: [+] 0122/3199 matches engine -
    I don't know what engine this should be so I assume it's a custom one you build? If so, I can say little to the "unknown status" as I don't know what you have scripted there.
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