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About Missing Contact Forms

ahmethannahmethann Turkmenistan
edited April 2020 in GSA Website Contact
Hello Sven,
According to my current tests it catches around %50-%55 of all site contact forms. And %10 of the results are already filtered (for my case) and it misses contact form on around %25-%35 of the searches.

And what I see almost %50 of the missed forms are not javascript but are static. Remaining %50 are either JS or doesnt have contact form at all.

So my offer is that, if you can put a document about how to train the software for better detecting contact forms, also with examples we can add ourown footprint detection methods and we can share these with you. SO with every update you can increase the success rate of software as it is done on scrapebox contact form submitter. I know it is impossible for you to train the software for all cases but if you can teach that us or enable that for us, every body can increase their detection rate and also we can all share our work with you. Thus for each update you can increase success.

Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven
    Hmm It's done like this...
    1. Check if Source URL has already a Contact-related keyword in it's path-> if so go to point 3.
    2. Download page, parse links with anchor and url related keywords (defined in project settings)
    3. check for contact forms (<textarea> must exists as well as an email field). This is matched via the strings you define on the submission data).
    Thats basically it. You can define it all in project options and If you think you found something to add, let me know and I add it for next update.
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