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GSA SEO Indexer Can't Keep Up

edited September 2012 in Need Help
The only indexing option that I am using in SER is to pass the links to GSA SEO Indexer. However, the Indexer cannot keep up with the number of links that are being passed to it. I have already increased the # threads in the indexer to 150, and lowered the number of sites that are being processed to 1200 (from the approx 3000 total in the program). Short of adding even more threads or reducing the number of sites even further, is there anything else that can be done?

Several related questions...

1.) Increasing the number of threads as high as I have really does not seem to speed things up at all. The Indexer looks like it only processes one URL at a time. Can something be done to the Indexer program to speed it up?

2.) What settings are other people using for the Indexer?

3.) I was using Backlinks Indexer, but stopped it because the plan I had only allowed adding 100 urls/day. There were higher plans, but still not enough to keep up. I think most of the other services are kind of the same way. Most of them only go up to 500/day (or so). What are others of you using? What are your experiences with other services? I was not really impressed with Backlinks Indexer.


  • SvenSven

    1) Sorry but thats wrong. It is processing things simultaneously. There is no way in speeding it up except the new option to only send dofollow links to it maybe.

    2) I use the quick indexer mode

    3) Not using anything else than my tools of course ;) 

  • Hi Guys,
    Maybe this is a dumb question, are there "ideal settings" for the indexer?
    I was using it today for the first time and it just chewed up my connection.
    I had it on 10 threads, then 5 and then 3 and there were only a handful of urls?
    I'm on a 8 meg connection.
    Any help or insights greatly appreciated.

  • I have found that it does use some bandwidth (it is doing a lot). But not on that few of connections. I have always run 70+ connections and never had any problems with it. I have a quad-core PC with 8MB RAM and 15Mbps internet connection though, so that helps some.

  • Sven,

    How many connections are you using? How many urls are you able to process per day?
  • I just got it and i'm seeing how 500 threads work. i have 90MB down and 30MB up so bandwidth isn't a problem. Seems to be going pretty quick.
  • You must be on a VPS.
  • SvenSven
    I use 50 threads
  • Thanks guys
  • I switched to "Quick Indexer" as Sven suggested, and it is having no problem keeping up now.

    What exactly is the difference with "Quick Indexer"?
  • SvenSven
    less sites it uses from the all included once.
  • @ DavidA2 - Yes, I am on a vps
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Can we you set the default to quick index as well as 50 threads?
  • SvenSven
    You can define the number of threads to use yourself.
  • I was using 10 threads, then just bumped it to 100 then 300 this thing kicks ass now
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