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Suggestion for Separating Replies from Automated Responses?

NatNat USA
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From what I can tell, most of you focus on sending a message that includes a link to a landing page. In this scenario, monitoring email replies is not very important. However, I'm interested in running a few campaigns where the focus is on follow-up responses. The problem I'm running into is my mailbox being completely flooded with automated messages.

I need a way to filter out all the automated messages and find the "real" replies. I'm using DirectAdmin to set up mailboxes for the domains I'm sending from. Things I've tried so far:
  • Searching "re:" - This still includes many automated messages and does not return every real response.
  • Creating filters for common automated strings. - This doesn't work because people still respond in the same thread that includes automated strings.
Would really appreciate some suggestions if anyone has tackled this problem already.
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  • I'm bumping this as I still haven't found a nice solution.
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