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Best Web 2.0 by Domain Authority

edited March 2020 in Other / Mixed
Here is a recent ranking of Web 2.0 classified by Domain Authority:

<br>99-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>94-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>94- Fandom&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>91-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>91-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>91-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>89-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>89-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>89-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>88-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>88-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>88-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>88-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>87-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>83-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>83-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>80-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>79-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>79-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>77-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>77-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>77-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>75-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>75-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>74-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>74-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>73-<br>68-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>68-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>66-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>58-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>58-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>54-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>50-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>48-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>48-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>46-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>44-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>34-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>23-;&nbsp;&nbsp; 

Thanked by 1TheGypsy


  • Can we create a blog on each of the nominated sites?
  • KaineKaine
    It is not up to date but for a large majority, yes.
  • we can create a blog for each site on the list with gsa ser?

  • KaineKaine
    You would need SER + Serengines, now I don't think they are all managed, you have to do with @James
  • ok thanks you .
    James j dont respond .
    j test alway thx
  • SvenSven
    I don't know if Im allowed to tell, but James needs to take care for his new born child now...Give him a few days to get used to it and he will be back!
    Thanked by 2Kaine OrlandoWise
  • congratulations to james then.
    I hope he'll come back stronger than before thank you. 
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