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GSA CG Content ranks better than human content. My test! Titel and Meta description from PPC?


i have make content with GSA CG for 1 year on a fresh money site and make mass backlinking with GSA Ser on this page.

This money site ranks fine in google top10 with small value keywords and small competition. i have many websites with the same tropic. all websites with unique content and one with GSA CG Content. The page with GSA CG ranks better than the unique content with human written content.

now i need content for my blogs and i want to generate it with GSA CG.

my idea is to get good title and meta description that user loves from PPC campaigns, from google ads. this titles and descriptions are moretimes A/B tested and has good CTR.

Is this a update idea for GSA CG?


  • SvenSven
    can you give a sample?
  • i have sent you an excample with mail. actually i take the ppc title and description from semrush.
  • SvenSven
    Got it, you can try cutting that into several files and import as content to create articles from it.
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