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Translation anchor insert broken (#file_links)

edited March 2020 in Bugs
Hello @sven, sorry to bother you again.

It seems when using the #file_links to pull in lines of content, then using translate around the #file_links, SER does not insert the anchor properly and instead breaks the link, it ends up being a giant block of text.

Note: I have tested this without using #file_links (by grabbing a random article and surrounding it with the translate macro) and it works properly.

Here is the code I use to create my article templates:
#trans_en_sk #file_links[example.dat,1,S] #file_links[example.dat,1,S] #file_links[example.dat,1,S] #notrans

The test site/anchor I used in this example (note: only testing in preview mode):

Output of the bug (blurred for text privacy):

You can see the entire bottom part becomes a link. I have now tested this many times, and every time the result is the same. A giant block of text as the link, and the actual anchor not linked at all.

Please let me know if this is preview-bug only, because I'm hesitant to test it on a live site in this situation.


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