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Anyone have suggestion of ratio of links for each tier?

Hi, all.

Anyone have a rough guide as to what works well?

Like 1(MS):100(Web 2.0-T1):10,000(GSASER-T2):200,000(GSASER-T3)



  • KaineKaine
    edited March 2020
    Not really and it would be a footprint for Google. On the other hand it is really necessary to make a T1 of quality ... whatever the quantity. For lower thirds around 5x more.
    @SvenBesides, it would be really good for manual verification, to be able to see all the links that have not received backlinks (since the submission is randomized).
  • It depends how much links you can index. If you can't index a link it's like never existed so no point building it.
    It's so old that PR is not even exist for SEOs anymore but you can get the idea.

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