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CAPMonster Vs. Per-CAPTCHA Solve API Service

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Hi, GSA people.

I recently purchased CapMonster.

I did notice that fairly quickly, a lot of messages were "blacked IP."

Does use of this service burn out my proxies?

Does using an API-based service do the same?



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    Good question. I am using Capmonster for 4-5 months and just recently I've managed to get it working properly.

    There are some factors you need to take into account:

    1. Where are you solving Recaptcha? If you are using it to solve RV2 on a mix of "GSA links", you will get a lot of timeouts, because RV2 code on those sites is not updated. But it can be your proxies, too.

    2. How many proxies do you have? How many GSA threads do you use? How many Capmonster slots do you have? What kind of hardware do you have?

    This is very important.
    My setup is 10-20 GSA threads, 5 Capmonster slots and 30 semidedicated proxies. Hardware is just a laptop (I7) with 1Gb wired connection and 8GB of RAM.

    You can use your proxies in GSA and Capmonster at the same time, but ALWAYS use proxies on Capmonster (and check "Ignore proxies coming form 3rd party software" or something like that). Capmonster will manage your proxies better when it comes to rotating them for RV2 solving.

    Another thing I've found out: it is better to use IP authorization for Capmonster proxies, since loading the proxies in the format ip:port:usr:pass doesn't seem to work in Capmonster.

    Depending on your hardware, number of proxies and Capmonster slots, you can increase/decrease the number of GSA threads.

    "Banned Ip" in Capmonster should be around 1-3%. This is normal. You cannot solve RV2 on a few IPs without getting banned. Even if you have hundreds of proxies, you will want to increase GSA threads -> same banning ratio.

    Timeouts (Bad IP) can be from the RV2 code not updated (most likely) or proxies being overused (not so often).

    With my setup, I cannot solve too many RV2 in a month, because I can't go too fast. My savings are around $100/month.

    Always tweak the settings. You may have a link list with many valid RV2 sites and you have to go really slow in GSA, to allow your proxies enough time to be rotated and not banned.

    Here are my stats since yesterday (I reset them once a month now):

    As for your questions:

    - Does use of this service burn out my proxies?

    It can burn them out, it all depends on your speed (GSA threads).

    - Does using an API-based service do the same?

    If you are thinking about a service like 2captcha, I think yes, but I am not 100% sure.

    Overall, I have to say Capmonster was the best investment I've made (apart from GSA) when it comes to solving any kind of captcha. You may test it along with Captcha Breaker, as a second service.
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