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Cheap .de Domains / Billige .DE DOmains

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Does anyone here has some suggestions for cheap .de domains? I just need them to do a redirect to other sites.
And I want to switch from my current registrar, that sucks with support.
They should be around ,19 to ,29 cent / month.
Dont care if the registrar is in germany or timbuktu ;-)

checked, but nothing close to the price range.


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    free anon whois included

    1 year / 6,25 EUR

    i have over 400 domains there and no problems yet ;)
  • molchomolcho Germany 4,65€ per year
  • but whois with .de domais doesnt work, or have i understand something wrong?
  • MrXMrX Germany
    you can try celeros, they are € 4,99 per year!


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