Email test failed

avijeeavijee Pakistan

I just downloaded latest version from your website. While adding email accounts, it is constantly showing error, means test failed for both hotmail and gmail accounts. pop3 services are enabled in both accounts and both accounts are working fine in MS Outlook. Is there a bug in the new version? any suggestion to resolve?

Screenshot here:


  • avijeeavijee Pakistan
    I have tested with a custom domain and its working fine. Problem with hotmail & gmail accounts. 
    Need help or suggetion here.
  • SvenSven
    Have a look here please:

    Especially Gmail might need that LessSecure setting.
  • avijeeavijee Pakistan
    Had a look at the suggested link but still the same
  • SvenSven
    Have you clicked on "Find Settings"? The "unknown user/password" seems like there is something wrong with the login/password input.
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