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Email question for everyone! Sort of poll... :) (please participate)

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Hello everyone,

I have something on my mind that might make things easier for all of us and I would like to ask all of you following:

#1 What emails do you use for GSA? Catchall? Hotmail? Other?
#2 If you are using hotmails, and you buy 500 for example, how often do you change them PER project?
#3 If you use catchall how many domains are you using in the "mix"?
#4 If you use catchall how often do you change catchall domains?
#5 Are you using something different for emails? What?

Let me start first:

#1 Catchall (was using hotmail)
#2 When I was using hotmail I changed them per project on every few days (as soon as I see them blacklisted). Was doing all manually.
#3 20
#4 I change them in about 2-3 months that's when they do get saturated. Then 60 days is period as long as they stay on the log and they will be ready for usage again
#5 Nope. Using catchall. :)

Bonus question: What do you find most important when it comes to the emails for projects in your opinion? :)


  • LOL Because of to many answers I have decided to close this poll... :D
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I'll get it started:

    #1 - Catchall
    #2 - Not using hotmail - This is why I requested macro so we can have 1 file we can manage with all our hotmails and replace dead ones easily and it will get used on all t2 and t3 projects. (Otherwise you manually have to login to each T2 or T3 project (like 100 projects ) and remove dead ones and test. And to do this weekly is a lot of work.
    #3 - 1 catchall used on 1 website promotion. Simple.
    #4 - Never.
    #5 - Nope. 

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