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problem with connecting private blazingseollc proxies port 444

i just bought some private proxies from blazingseollc they are user authenticated, login & password, after testing them multiple times & not working on the vps i & blazingseollc tested the proxies & they are working ok.

i have tested them on gsa ser using whatismyipaddress, bing, google scrape etc etc

the proxies are using port 444 which i thought might be the problem

the vps host has done loads of things to try & get it working such as :-
-opened the port 4444 in windows firewall

-whitelisted server IP in router

-whitelisted the IP and open port in server

but has anyone got any ideas because i thought someone might have come across this before

the proxies are definitely in the correct format   ip:port:user:password

ive tested the proxies in gsa ser dozens of times & still not working


  • SvenSven
    Have you tested the proxy on the browser? Are they working there? If so, it might be some setting issue in SER. And if thats the case please give me access to the VPS in pm and I have a look.
  • edited June 2020
    hey can someone helps me on Blazing SEO i got private proxies from them and they get banned easy after one day, i believe my settings for GSA are done right but i can share them here for double check, 
  • how many provies do have & how many threads are you using & are you using a delay & how specific are your search terms ?

    all these things mage a difference as well as other things, i use blazing seo proxies & i havent got many, but it took a while to get the right settings etc so that you can use them for scraping, not because they are blazing seo, but because i only use a few,


  • ps,

    what makes you say this
    "and they get banned easy after one day"

  • any news on this ?

    im waiting with the answers.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Hey there Marty - Would you kindly get in touch with our customer support by emailing support@blazingseollc(dot)com , so that we can assist you in a dedicated manner? You may request for Michael, to assist you in that matter. Please be sure to provide your account info, so that we can pull your account info real quick. Hoping to hear from you soon, thanks!
  • that was for rankingseo

    my proxies are working, i was asking him/her for the information that i asked for earlier.

    so that i could give an answer.
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