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Abput adult filters (and feature ideas)

TopinambourTopinambour Thailande
edited February 2020 in GSA Content Generator
Fistable, thank you so much for your fantastic job and sorry for my english.

1/ Adult filter is active for scraping bing result ?

Features ideas :

2/ Option for generate prefixe and suffixe for each articles title 
from a keywords list (or spin)

The same thing for H1, H2... will be nice too

3/ It will be nice to have option for generate h1, h2... with specific keywords too, same than for article titles.

4/ Possibility to desactice language filter, mostly when we scrap from url list (for exemple, some websites in FR have language EN even if all content is in french)


  • SvenSven
    1. No, it should be disabled. However, you have a project filter that would get such results deleted anyway since some adult-based keywords are added there as filter by default.

    2. you can do that partly already:
    a) select articles
    b) right click->change title...->click ENTER
    c) Enter "prefix %title%" or "%title% suffix"

    3. you can use the option to add long tail keywords there (all others make no sense). Just make sure you have them in the list of the project-keywords then

    4. a bit too risky to ignore this really
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