How to use GSA search ranker tool

I have many websites and i want to rank all of these websites can anyone give me suggestion how to rank my Indoxxi this website.


  • Accepted Answer
    try this on other forums. We here are in the business. We see through your trick
  • indoxxisindoxxis Indonesia
    what trick sir
  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    Accepted Answer
    Go to all the unrelated forums on the internet and link back to your fantastic website. The best trick though is going to porn sites and start commenting there.
    Then you just sit back and enjoy the results... or enjoy the porn sites.
  • indoxxisindoxxis Indonesia
    No Thank you sir ji 
  • Unre3alEy3Unre3alEy3 Inside your Brain!
    old school
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