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How to configure domdetailer metrics plugin?

MichaelvgMichaelvg Melbourne
edited February 2020 in Other / Off Topic
Does anyone know the right settings on the domdetailer plugin when setting it up for basic metrics?


  • SvenSven
    please stop posting to the wrong category! I moved this thread again now!
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  • MichaelvgMichaelvg Melbourne
    edited February 2020
    Oh yeah and that name "Sven" do not show any girls your name or you'll embarrass man and Ill get even more pissed off
  • edited February 2020
    you know, Sven is the creator and developer of GSA. it might be your only friend here, so act normal.
  • SvenSven
    edited February 2020
    ...and I even said "please". :chuffed:
  • Hello, Sven, 

    The comments I made here are some of the most embarrassing comments I have ever made.

    I apologize completely. 

    I just received your email and nobody should have to get to work and see words like that.

    If there's a way I can delete them I will.

    I'm Sorry.
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