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What does Yandex metrics equal to?

Can anyone tell me how to read the Yandex Metrics?


  • SvenSven
    It's a number they give back from 0 to xxxxxx. The higher the number, the best.

    SER has the following table to convert it to PR:
    • >100000 PR10
    • >10000 PR9
    • >1000 PR8
    • >5000 PR7
    • >2500 PR6
    • >1000 PR5
    • >100 PR4
    • >50 PR3
    • >40 PR2
    • >0 PR1

  • Really?? Thats Awesome!! I just bought credits from domdetailer but before this I was actually thinking that something along those lines. To get page rank included is great value as well... 
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