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Can anybody help me with a small issue about The Best Spinner

I facing a problem where I have been trying to type up an article and im using the best Spinner. I have had a consistent problem where I will try and edit it and then somehow it will say "not enough bracket count". Now, I know this is probably a small issue that most people will know. 

I'm guessing that with spin text those brackets are in accordance with the text being written. So say I write a short paragraph, and then do a manual spin, I will see the article with with different amounts of brackets on each ends of the paragraph. Is there any easy way to know how this works? I have a screenshot included which shows what I mean a little more


  • I have no idea what are you talking about but a quick tip on spinning and sanity.

    1. Write and article
    2. Make 2 more variation of each paragraph (3 in total) and spin them together.
    3. Spin the words within the sentences.

    You may try doing the same with sentences but that will result in subpar articles. Given that you are writing for your site or higher quality t1.
  • Don't worry I got this sorted with 1 email-done!
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