Can someone please help me with loading site lists into gsa?

MichaelvgMichaelvg Melbourne
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I have made a video and I wanted to load it here to show everyone how hard this is. I can not and have no idea how to load a list into or from Site Lists once they have been "identified". 

Can anyone please send me a video showing me how to add them from Scrapebox and then add them to gsa? my email is I will also show you my video of what I'm doing and how wrong it is

If anyone can help me with that I will surely pay you back in the future


  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
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    Scrapebox does not identify SER targets. Scrapebox only scrapes URLs according to your keywords.
    You can import those URLs directly into SER projects or refine them with various methods.

    You are clearly not using the search to find answers here. It will cost you a lot in the future. SEOs are an expensive lot....
  • MichaelvgMichaelvg Melbourne
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    Dude I'm a grown man-grow up a little you sound like your crying. I unsubscribed from this question as well, but when Im getting answers like this it doesn't costs anything which is where I am headed....

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
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    Hey @Michaelvg

    Maybe this post i did a little while ago on correct usage of the site-list will give you some guidance on importing of site list.

    What i have found  with any scraped links, including Scrapebox, is that adding them directely in the project itself is a big mistake. 
    It is always better to use GSA platform identifier, as it will check the links, and keep only those that it thinks GSA ser can use. You will find that only about 30 -40% of the urls you scrape are being identified  and sorted, and the rest will be listed as unidentified. So lets say you had scraped a 1000 links after checking them you have only 300 - 400 left that have been identified.
    Then when you import them into your project you might only have around 10 -20 % success rate for various reasons.

    If you dont have a GSA platform identifier then at least use the gsa import, import and identify option, and make sure you are saving them in a dedicated folder.

    Drop me a note on Skype or via email if u have a question. if i am free i will help.

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