How to import site lists only when their verified?

I'm going through the most annoying time. I have been scraping site lists all day but every time I load them into GSA Im loading all the ones which I have already used "parsed" Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the way I'm doing it?

I Know that when importing a list I Have to head to options>advanced>tools and then gsa will only choose the verified urls from that bunch. My problem comes straight after this, how do I only import the "identified" list which has just been made with out loading the whole lot each time? 


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    If you have a list of sites, simply import them directly to the project. It will try to submit where possible and also sort that into the site lists automatically.
  • MichaelvgMichaelvg Melbourne
    edited February 23
    Ok I'll try that now thanks
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