Is it normal for Site Lists to be chewed up quickly?

I'm only new and one of the first experiences Im facing now is Site Lists being eaten pretty quickly. 

I have Scrapebox and I know how to get a list from there, one of the things I want to learn now is what sort of Size lists are people using? Me, I'm only getting around 2000 out of 10k for one project.

Do I need to work hard for lists is what im asking, can someone give me some background on sizes of lists and speed that they leave working?


  • As every girl would tell you the bigger the better. But speed also matters. Luckily you can't be too quick but if you are slow you can miss many opportunities.

    It all depends on your resources. Push it as far as you can or as much as you need.
  • martymarty UK
    Accepted Answer
    there are a lot of things you can do to make improvements on getting gsa working & i am not an expert at that, but when you import site lists import them again & you might get another 10% successfull & when you have verified/successfull sites etc in one project you can then share them on other projects using the global site lists button.

    "I'm only getting around 2000 out of 10k for one project."

    thats normal with anything, ive youve just got 2000 extra sites the first thing you should do is -


    get more / better footprints = more sites

  • Good words, and great variation structure. These are the sorts of answers Im talking about!!
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