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1captchas resolve recapcha2

1 captchas supports Recaptcha2. But in the integration of api in GSA-SER there is nothing about recaptcha in this service.

I want to hire him as the third and last of the solvers, basically because he solves texts, but it's fine that he adds recapcha2 and so if anyone passes from capmonster he would get there. I will leave 2captcha.

My question is, if the configuration with api that is in GSA-SER will also send you the recapchas, I hope you update it if necessary


  • SvenSven
    There API for recaptcha v2 works differently than that from anyone else. They want you to send the image + question and give you the images to click (e.g. click 1,2,5).

    This however is not what most recaptcha services require nowadays. They want the site key + url and give back the actually reply.

    I can not work with there api as in order to get the image, I would need to execute javacript as well as for clicking the images. As you know,w e do not execute javascript due to security risks and slow down of everything.
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