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Only 1 message per send?

How can I add more than 1 message, so the software mixes it about and doesn't send the same message to everybody?

I'm not talking spyntax, I mean sending totally different messages as part of the same run.



  • SvenSven
    1. {message1|message2|....} <<< can have recursive spintax
  • Like I say, I'm not on about spyntax.

    I mean I want to randomise which message I send.

    Message 1:
    Hi, just wondering if you'd like any web design work doing?

    Message 2:
    Hi, I've just visited your site and I think your Wordpress theme can certainly be improved upon.

    Would you be interested in discussing this further?


    I want the above 2 messages to be alternated/randomly sent, so some people receive Message 1 and some receive Message 2.

    I've used Scrapebox for years and this is done simply by using %newline% and then simply adding a new message on a new line.

    How do I do it in this software?

  • SvenSven
    Again, spintax would solve this for you or macros like...
    %file-<file|url|folder>% -use a folder and have different files with your different messages in that folder to take a random one.
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