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How to use Scrapebox without an API key

I'm just a beginner and I have spent everything I have in getting gsa, ScrapeBox, and The Best Spinner. I have hit needing to download the Metrics Plugin from Scrapebox but I have no money until next week. 

Can anyone tell me how to use Scrapebox without an api key if you can? 


  • For premium plugins you need to pay premium buy why do you need the metrics plugin?
    Can't you use SER bult in metrics for a while or the Yandex metrics from Scrapebox check metrics button?
  • I didn't know I could do this, I tried using the Yandex but it didn't show any results..? Can you tell me where the GSA metrics are so I can try it?
  • In SER Options > Advanved tab you can tick "use yandex as PR" and "get PR for verified URL"

    I haven't actually used scrapebox yandex metrics but I guess if it shows nothing then your proxies aren't yandex approved proxies or you have burnt them on yandex already. Try it with low settings like 60-90s delay and one thread with a clean IP like your home address and see if it returns any results.
  • Hey mate I accidently hit the reject button here Sorry!

    Ok Now I see the option to click the Yandex PR box in gsa but then what?

  • Then SER will check every URL for yandex metrics then translates it to PageRank. Then it will post to those URLs according to your settings.
  • Ok thanks, do you know what the best way is to find got sites to post to or is there a tutorial anywhere that has finding good urls because all the urls I have are not getting me any links....
  • There are plenty of tutorials for that on this forum too.

    The main reason you are not getting results is because you probably have bad proxies. I don't know your settings though so it might be a ton of another reason.
    If you want results quickly you need to buy a list.
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